The Spell of
Glamour and Glory

The chatters and cheers were jolly while the lights and glamour brought glory. The jubilee brimmed with glitters, golds and florals. As I strolled I broke the monotony, as I spoke the world became interesting again. Glamour and Glory I conquer both worlds.



Life is great when I don’t follow anyone. Never Follow, never even pretend to. Crush all references to that notion. My Morning starts by wearing me, And my day passes with the sparkle that I choose to wear.

The Serene Serendipity

Thoughts- the faithless charm in my head. They never take a cue on my wills. They run, they glide and come to fly me higher. I don’t control it because they entertain me as I run my world. Everyone needs to take a break, for me it is in my head with myself. For I am out to conquer the world.




For me jewelry has to be beautiful for life is meant to be beautiful. It has to be joy to my eyes, its origins and history need to be a literary masterpiece, to add a story to my repertoire, a story I want to wear on me wherever I go so I am reminded of the complexities of the human mind, the intricacies of art, and the beauty of creation, not mass produced but just for me, uniquely for me. For I wear it to accentuate who I am, I wear my heart and soul on me. Every movement, every action I take is spontaneous yet you would know my purpose for I don’t shy from being clear about my purpose and am obsessed in my resolve. Don’t challenge my resolve. Give me your reason and I may respond but remember I respond to only things that I decide on. Don’t give me “social pressure” as a reason to change for I change the society I am around so where I go social pressure is history, because the past did not have me. My commitment to myself is the best thing that could have happened to me. I am one of a kind. I am the one I am always looking to be- AMISHEÉ.